Student’s Union
Aims and Objectives

The College Union and other Students Associations and societies are purely Academic in nature. Their purpose is to organise seminars / competitions in order to bring out the best in sports, drama and literary activities from amongst the students. Activities of the associations are strictly confined to the bonafide members and no outside agency is permitted to put up any entertainment programme / variety show / melody programme under any circumstances. The students are to be oriented in democratic representation and decision making.

The Constitution of Indira Gandhi Women’s College Students Union (+ 3 stream)

The name of the Union shall be Indira Gandhi Women’s College students union.

The Constitution of Indira Gandhi Women’s College Students Union (+ 3 stream)

The name of the Union shall be Indira Gandhi Women’s College students union.


1. We the Students of Indira Gandhi Women’s College solemnly reslove to constitute a union :

(i) To act as the sole organ of students’ opinion inside the Indira Gandhi Women’s College.

(ii) To foster, encourage and co-operate in Academic life and the unity and co-operation among the members of the Union.

iii) To work for the betterment of material and cultural life and to uphold moral values of the student community.

(iv) To promote Educational social and cultural interest of students and to do such other things as are conducive to the fulfilment of the above objectives : ON THIS NINTEENTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER NINTEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE. WE DO HEREBY ADOPT; ENACT AND GIVE UN TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION.


The functions of the union shall ordinarily be as follows: –

(i) To organise discussions and debates of cultural and Academic nature on subjects of local, national and international interest.

(ii) To invite eminent persons to address the union and to take part in the debates and discussions with the due permission of the principal.

(iii) To discharge such other functions as the Principal may prescribe or as the Executive Committee may decide with previous permission of the Principal.


(i) Every student of the +3 stream of the college shall be a member of the union and shall have the right of voting and contesting elections, subject to provision in Act. 10(b).

(ii) Membership shall not be open to one whose name is not on the rolls of the Indira Gandhi Women’s College and none but the members shall have right to vote and to contest for all office of the Union.

(iii) The meetings of the Union shall be open to all members of the teaching staff, who, if they so desire, can take part in the proceedings of the meetings but they shall have no right to vote.

The President

Any student of the +3 3rd year stream can be a candidate for the post of president.

a) To preside over the meetings of the Executive Committee and to take part in deliberations.

b) To preside over all the ordinary meetings of the union.

c) To discharge such other functions as are assigned to him by the Principal

d) She shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting the rules except where she requests the Advisor for interpretation of the constitution or where at least 1/3rd of the membes present submit a written note of dissent to the Adviser. The Advisers interpretations in such cases shall be binding on the members of the union.

e) She shall ascertain through any means as may be adopted by the Executive Committee that all drawls and expenditure are made within the Frame-work and provisions of the budget.

Vice -president

She must be a student of +3 2nd year classes.

a) To discharge all Functions of the President in her absence.

b) And to discharge such other functions as may be assigned by the Executive Committee or by the Principal from time to time consistent with the provisions of the constitution.

The Secretary

Any student of +3 can be a candidate for the post of secretary. The Secretary shall be Executive Officer of the Union and shall have the following functions:

a) To select topics / agenda for discussion at the ordinary meetings in consultation with the Adviser and the President and to make all other arrangements for such meeting.

b) To convene meetings of the Executive Committee to maintain the minutes of the meeting and to execute decision of the committee

c) To remain in-charge of the Union office, its property and records.

d) To spend the money of Union in accordance with the budget previously passed and to maintain proper accounts and keep vouchers and the secretary shall apply to the Adviser from time to time with the counter-signature of the president for grant of funds and all grants received shall be jointly acknowledged by the President and the secretary of the students union.

e) To discharge all other functions as assigned to her by the constitution or by the Executive Committee or by the Principal.

f) All bills, vouchers and account statements should necessarily be counter-signed by the president, students union before being submitted to the Adviser.

Assistant General Secretary

a) To assist the Secretary generally in the discharge of her functions and to discharge the function of the secretary in her absence.

b) To discharge such other functions as may be assigned to her by the Secretary.


i) Elections shall be held for all the offices at the beginning of every Academic year at such time and such manner as the principal may decide preferably before the Puja Vacation provided that normal conditions prevail.

ii) Every student of the college whose name is on the college rolls on the day of election, except non-collegiate casual students, is eligible to vote in the election. The elections shall be conducted by the Chief Election Officer appointed by the Principal in accordance with the existing rules of election published in a separate notification.

iii) All elections shall be conducted by secret ballot.

iv) Candidates getting the largest number of votes shall be elected. Incase of a tie it will be decided by the toss of a coin in the presence of Principal the Adviser and the concerned candidates.

v) A candidate can only apply for recounting within a period of one hour of the publication of result to the Principal in case of complaint with specific reason. Principal may give order for recounting if the margin of difference of votes between successful candidate and the nearest contestant is five votes. She should mention the booth or booths for the above purpose with a non-refundable amount of Rs.100/- (this may be changed from time to time).

vi) Candidates and their bonafied representatives may be present at the time when papers of nomination are scrutinised.

vii) Rules regarding the scrutiny of the nomination shall be determined by the Principal or his nominee and such rule shall be notified to the students twenty four hours prior to the commencement of filling of nominations.

viii) Nominations will be allowed to be withdrawn within twenty four hours of the publication of valid list of nominations.

ix) One member cannot contest for more than one post of the College Union or any other college society at a time.

x) The oath taking of the newly elected office bearers shall be conducted ordinarily within 7 days of the publication of election result. The oath shall be administered by the adviser or nominee of the Principal. However, the Principal reserves the right to hold the oath taking in a date convenient to him.

xi) In all matters including election disputes or other irregularies an appeal shall be made to the Principal and his decision shall be final.

The +2 Cultural Society

1. The Union of +2 students of the College is named as “Indira Gandhi Womens College +2 Cultural Society”. The rules and provisions as applicable to Indira Gandhi Womens College Students Union are also applicable to +2 Cultural Society.

Executive committee for +2 Cultural Society

i) Secretary

ii) Assistant Secretary

iii) Class Representatives of +2 stream, one from each faculty.

a) +2 1st year Science – 1

b) +2 1st Year Arts – 1

c) +2 2nd year Arts – 1

d) +2 2nd year Science – 1

Dramatic Society

1. There shall be a Dramatic Society for the college called” Indira Gandhi Womens College Dramatic Society”.

2. All the students of the College shall be members of the society and shall have the right of voting and contesting elections as per the provisions in the General constitution for students Union / +2 Cultural Society.


The tenure of the society is for one session only.

Day scholars’ Association

1. There shall be a Day scholar’s Association called “Indira Gandhi Women’s College Day Scholars’ Association.”

2. The aim of the Association is to develop a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among the Day scholars and to organise Debates and the annual Ganesh and Saraswati Puja and other competitions among the day scholars.

3. The members of the Association shall consist of the Day scholars’ and the Principal as the President (Ex-Officio)

4. Executive Committee

There shall be an Executive Committee for Day Scholars’ Association.

a) Principal – Ex-Officio President

b) Vice-President (Nominated by the Principal)

c) Secretary and Asst- Secretary to be elected from among the Day scholars of degree classes.

d) One representative from each class and each faculty to be elected / nominated by the Principal.

Election Rules

The election for the post of Secretary and Asst. Secretary shall be held by Secret ballot directly by the day scholars at the time of College Students Union/+2 Cultural Society Elections.

Tenure of Office

a) The Tenure of office shall be for one session only.

b) The membership of the society shall cease soon after the Test/College Annual Examination.

c) The Vice-President shall carry on the work of the society after the ceasure of the tenure of the Association.

+3 stream :

The Secretary and Asst. Secretary to be elected from among the students of the +3 classes of the college. A student from any of the +3 classes can contest for the said posts.

+2 Stream :

The Secretary and the Asst Secretary to be elected from among the students of the +2 class is any student of +2 class can contest for the said posts.