Co-curricular Activities

N. S. S.

There are two units of national service Scheme (N.S.S.) in this college. Out of them one is +3 Degree Unit and the other one is +2 unit. Each of them consists of (50) volunteers. The goal of N.S.S. is to attain personality development of volunteers through community service. The enrollment of volunteers is made in the month of August / September and the (desirous) students have to apply in the prescribed proforma for final selection of volunteer-ship. Normal hourly camps are organised in holidays off of time on working days and special camps of ten days are organised during the vacations. Several kinds of developmental activities are taken up in the streets, villages and slums outside the campus comprising of educational, Health and Sanitation and environmental issues.

The National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)

A girls unit of N.C.C was ceremonially inaugurated in the College in August 2004. This unit functions under the aegis of the I (O) Girls Bn N.C.C, Odisha . This wing has been sanctioned with a cadet strength of 50 students. Fifty students of the college have been selected and inducted in this unit. A trained member of teaching staff is appointed as officer-in-charge to supervise and conduct the practices, programmes and rehearsals of the N.C.C squad.

The cadets of the N.C.C are aught to be tuned up to live up to the achievement of the objectives of :

Inculcating in themselves the spirit of patriotism and self-sacrifice.

To render their unrelenting services in times of natural calamities or war when called upon to do so.

To foster in themselves the spirit of unity, integrity and discipline.

To uphold the dignity of the nation and its Constitution.


In 1993, the Indira Gandhi Women’s College was privileged to have a Youth Red-cross wing. It is a students wing of the Indian Red-Cross society. The Honourable Governor of Odisha is the Chairperson, the Secretary to the Governor is the Honorary Secretary and the Minister Higher Education Department is the working Chairperson of the Youth Red Cross society of Odisha .

All the students of this College are the members of the society. Each contributes a yearly subscription of Rs.10/- towards the membership. The Principal of the college is the Ex-Officier President of the College Unit. Counsellors nominated by the Principal from the teaching staff guide the members of the society and streamline its activities.

The Motto of Youth Red-cross is to “Create a balance in Society’-

  1. Taking the college to the community.
  2. Bringing the community to the college.

Aims and Objectives :

  1. Promotion of Health.
  2. Service to the sick and suffering.
  3. Fostering of International Friendliness.

The above aims and objectives of Y.R.C. are being achieved through the motto like Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, voluntary service, Unity and Universality.

The social service Guild

To instill a sense of social dedication among the students and turn their eyes towards all that society anticipates from them, the social service Guild (or SSG) has been constituted. The student forum of this organisation is facilitated by the election of a Secretary, Asst. Secretary and class representatives under the guidance and supervision of a vice-president appointed from among the teachers of the college. The SSG creates motivation and awareness among students to live up to the social cause. Apart from this the guild also reaches out to the people at large to enhance their consciousness about a healthy social order and promptly responds to the call for rendering assistance to distressed and disaster-struck people when called upon to do so.