The college has introduced Global Skills Enhancement curriculum under “Project Genesis” for the students in collaboration with D.D.C.E. Utkal University and Infosys Technology and Govt. of Odisha to Orient the students in Language enhancement and Analytically skill to face the interview for their placement conduct by B.P.O.’s in the college. the college will invite different B.P.O. companies like Infosys, IBM, Wipro, WWS, ExL Services, OECIS, HP, EDS, Gen Pact and others to initiate their campus placement drive.

The students of +3 Final year Arts of the college only will be allowed for campus placement drive. A course on language Enhancement and Analytically Skill through “Project Genesis” will commence from July of each year.

This course is open to all the students of the college to develop their language and Analytical Skill on payment of 1200/- annually for the purpose of facing any kind of interviews conducted by BPO’s for their employment. But the students of +3 Final year Arts of a particular year can only sit for the interview for placement. 5 students from the college have been selected by Gen Pact (GE Capital Previously) for placement / employment in the year 2007 -08.