Proctorial System:

A proctorial System is introduced as decided by the staff council of the college. All the students of the college are devided in to different groups. Each group will be headed by a Senior faculty who is called a proctor. The proctors are required to maintion a record card containing particulars of the students under their guidance. It aims at ensuring academic aswellas personal raport between the students and the teachers.

General Rules

a. Every student of the college is placed in group under a proctor.

b. Each group consits of 32 students.

c. The student should meet the proctroat atleast once in a forthnight or at anytime she feels neccesary. d. A student should know the rules of the college through her proctor and shoud to abide by them during her stay in the college.

e. A student can redress her academic, personal and financial grievances through her proctor.

f. A proctor is generally required to mantain cooperation between the authority and the parents of the students under her guidance through regular visits in order to maintain discipline so as to secure the interest of the students ard institute.

g. It is the duty of the proctor to report the principal on any serious misconduct irregularity in attendance, absence at the internal examination etc.