History Department

Brief :

The Department of History has honours, consisting of four faculty members. Eight papers are taught in the three year degree course. The course is completed on time and lesson plan is also maintained accordingly to syllabus. Regular Seminars are also held twice a year. Papers are read by students as well as staff and relevant topics are discussed by research scholars.

Extra classes are also taken to clear the doubts of the students.

Upadista Jena

Age : ( F )
Experience : 27 years

Mrs. Sarita Patra

Age : 52 ( F )
Experience : 29 years
Qualification : MA, Mphil, Ph.D ( Conti.)
Specialisation :  Ancient India

Mrs. Jayashree. B

Age : 49 ( F )
Experience : 27 years
Qualification : MA, Mphil, Ph.D.( Conti.)
Specialisation :  Modern India

Mrs. Sabita Pujari

Age : 55 ( F )
Experience : 25 years
Qualification : MA, Mphil, Ph.D. ( Conti)
Specialisation :  American History